As Mexico has grown, so has our firm: Immediately after World War II, Mexico began a dramatic industrialization. As a consequence, we grew substantially by handling the rising tide of direct foreign joint ventures in Mexico before and after the 1973 law governing –and restricting– direct foreign control of business. In the 1950′s and 1960′s, the firm helped usher Mexico first into the edge of turbo propeller airplanes and later into the jet age by orchestrating the sale of aircraft to Mexican airlines.

After a period of heightened government intervention in and regulation ofbusiness, the past few years have seen the simultaneous liberalization of restriction of foreign investment, the ongoing privatization of industry and democratization of the political system. We represent clients who are taking advantage of both of these trends to make new or expand existing investment in Mexico. As Mexican business becomes an integral part of the globalized economy, we represent clients in a wide variety of fields.

While Goodrich has a prominent standing in the Mexican legal community, we have had a strong international orientation since our founding. Indeed, a number of our attorneys have lived, trained and are qualified to practice law in other countries. Thus, as interpreters, moderators and arbiters, we are able to assist foreign businesses to better understand “doing business in Mexico,” as well as help Mexican business people and government officials comprehend and evaluate the foreigner’s objectives.

To complement our Mexico City operation, the firm has offices in Paris and actively participates in leading worldwide legal associations.