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Goodrich successfully represents ILIOSS, a Mexican company and the main developer of solar energy in Mexico

Goodrich successfully represents ILIOSS, a Mexican company and the main developer of solar energy in Mexico under the modality of distributed power generation in the structuring and implementation of a strategic alliance with Greenwood Energy, the division of clean energy in North and Latin America Group Libra”.

The Mexican and American press reported last August 21st, 2014 that ILIOSS and Greenwood Energy will invest $500 million dollars in solar energy in Mexico through the development of more than 250 megawatts (MW) of photovoltaic projects under the modality of distributed power generation. In accordance with this strategic alliance between the two companies, ILIOSS will undertake the provision of all engineering, construction and operation services, and Greenwood Energy will finance the construction and will be the owner of the projects once such projects have achieved completion. As a consequence, the electricity will be sold through long term power purchase agreements to the clients. This alliance is executed in the context of the secondary energy laws recently approved in Mexico.

Goodrich provided legal advice through the all the process of implementation of this ambitious partnership, as well as in the preparation and negotiation of the correspondent documents.

Also, it is worth mentioning that ILIOSS is currently implementing more than 100 projects in 19 states of Mexico in which Goodrich continually assists in various stages of development and implementation.

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